What bowling alley locations can I have a Bliss Bowling experience at?

Bliss Bowling can easily travel to any bowling center in western Washington. If Washington State is geographically undesirable please email danaka@blissbowling.com and we’ll see if we can accommodate. Bliss Bowling is expanding nation-wide and there might be a Bliss Host in your home state soon.

Do I have to coordinate with the bowling center to make reservations for the party?

Bliss Bowling will happily communicate with the bowling center and arrange your needs and reserve your party for your convenience. The bowling center may require a deposit once the party is reserved.

How do I pay for a Bliss Bowling experience?

Bliss Bowling is an independent business from the bowling centers and must be paid separately at the end of the party. Checks written out to Bliss Bowling LLC are preferred but PayPal, Zelle, Cash App and Venmo are all accepted.

What are the mini games and activities like?

Depending on the number of guests in your group people will be split up in pairs of two or on a team of five. The games go quick so your guests keep interest and have time to fit multiple rounds throughout the party.

What does the $200 minimum include?

Two hour parties with 20 people or less cost $200.
Any events with over 20 people is an extra $10 per person.

12 guests for two hours is $200
32 guests for two hours is $320